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The Future of Online Privacy

Mischa Tuffield (@mischatuffield)

2011-04-01 : DERI

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The State of the Web now

Knowledge is (Potential) Power

Walled Gardens

Knowledge may be power, but this knowledge is distributed throughout social networks of people. Without ways of building the Social Web into a first-class citizen of the Web, we will never be able to "program the social computer" to solve large-scale social problems.


After the W3C Workshop on the Future of Social Networking in Barcelona, for over a year the Social Web Incubator Group has been meeting on a weekly basis to overview the space and craft a strategy for the W3C.

The results are grim...

It's no longer the wild west...

Vincos Map June 2009

Facebook is taking over

Vincos Map Dec 2009

dominating ...

Vincos Map June 2010

In 2009 timbl said "Let's Webize the Unix FileSystem"

Read Write ACL TimBL

2011 ... Not all bad news

A Girl Graphic

So what?

Great Government Work

Crime Maps

London Crime Map 20110330

Public Sector Mash ups EnAKTing Project

EnAKTing Screen Shot Data Mashup 0

Public Sector Mash ups EnAKTing Project

EnAKTing Screen Shot Data Mashup 1

School Map App

UK Crime Map App

All this is great! But ...

Dark Side - Map

Georgia Sex Offenders Map

Dark Side - Pictures

Georgia Sex Offenders Mug Shots

Dark Side - Alerts

Georgia Sex Offenders Alerts

What will this lead to?

Picture of a Ghetto via image search at google

Why Government Data?

So who do they ask to come in an help?

My guess is ...

Nathan Barley

And from my POV they GOT it wrong

And now these Walled Gardens are following you all over the web!

NHS Choices

Can anyone tell me what is wrong with this picture?

This is ...

NHS Choices Data Transfer

Not logged in?

Hats off to these Social Networking Sites

So I ran a little test last week at Rewired State

Gov Cookies List

Why should the private media analysis company know when people are turning up to

How much tracking goes on ?

Banksy's Elephant in the Room

They aren't everywhere, or are they?

Danbri iframe explanation

Balachander Krishnamurthy from AT&T Labs–Research

Links to Bala's work re: coverage

Bala's Picture re: Coverage

Hidden Nodes in 68 countries

Bala's Picture re: Coverage

Monopolisation of Ad Networks - Or your personal information

Acquisition of Ad Networks

Degree of availability of Personally Identifiable Information

Degree of availability of PII

Direct leakage of hi5's privacy policy

Illustrating PII on the hi5 Social Networking Site

Wall Street Journal Stats

Picture of Stats per WSJ

Wall Street Journal ToolBar

Garlik Ltd Logo

My stats from a few months ago

Which got blown away by the WSJ work ;)

My Stats for UK Top 1000 sites


Relevant Technologies

Standards work in this space

Our Digital Identity is as Insecure as ever

Firesheep screenshot

Log-in to your favorite social networking site using passwords and cookies, and the cookie is sent over the now your identity can easily be hijacked by anyone (particularly with the Firesheep plug-in).

See the presentation

Download Firefox plug-in

EFF's HTTPS Everywhere

What Service Providers can do to Help

  • Put HTTPS only on their login pages
  • Focus on security
  • NO more plain text passwords
  • Proxy out Referrer headers
  • Stop putting in any personally identifiable information in URIs
  • Treat Users which don't want to be tracked accordingly