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The Web of Data and Personal Information

Name: Mischa Tuffield


mailto: [email protected]

Work: Garlik

The Semantic Web Layercake

The new Semantic Web Layercake!?

Semantic Web / The Web of Data 1/2

Semantic Web / The Web of Data 2/2

Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI)

Who knows what a URI is?

RDF isn't that bad ...

So what does all of this mean?

Content Negotiation

Knowledge Representation and shared conceptualisations

The Picture 2 Years ago ...

LOD as of 2007

The Picture as of last year ...

LOD as of 2008

The Picture Now

The new Semantic Web Layer Cake

So how does Personal Information fit into all this

Your Digital Persona

Sources of Information where people are leaving their digital trails' anyway...

Augmenting context with external datasources

Augmenting context with content 1

Augmenting context with content 2

Augmenting context with content 3

Mor Namaan, ZoneTag 1

Mor Namaan, ZoneTag 2

Lifelogging & Empowerment

How would you do this?

In order to

Get involved