Leaving Garlik. In Search of New Adventures

Today I am writing a little note to say goodbye and big thank you to all at Garlik. After spending the last (nearly) 4 years of my life working, living, and breathing Garlik, I have decided to start a new adventure. Garlik was wonderful place to work, we built some exciting applications, ones which delivered utility to people, as well as ones which innovated, to the highest standard, pushing boundaries in the development of commercial semantic web applications.

I have decided to leave my role as the Senior Research Engineer at Garlik, and I am now mega excited to be starting my new job working at the award winning London start-up PeerIndex.

I would like to say a big thank you to Steve Harris, and the rest of the team at Garlik. I have had a ball of a time working with/or being sat next to Steve since starting my PhD at Southampton University. We built some awesome things using what I believe to be the first industrial scale commercial semantic web technology stack. Obviously I am biased.

Finally, I would like to say a big thank you to the whole of the Semantic Web community, all the folk on #swig, and all the lovely people working on making the web a better place at the W3C. And to all the people at Southampton Uni, who got me into web technology in a way I never was before. The Semantic Web will enable the data web of the future, am sure of it.

I am looking forward to staying as involved with the community as I have been over the last few years, but most of all am looking forward to starting this next adventure in my life, as Head of Research Engineering at PeerIndex.