This post is about the shareNice social sharing widget I have been working on recently. I am pitching shareNice as a “uninstrusive social sharing” tool for webmasters.

Webmasters can add shareNice to their websites if they want to let their users’ share the pages they browse with their friend, via the many social networks platforms.

So, what is different about shareNice, and why should you choose to use it?

Below is an example screenshot of the shareNice tool being used on The University of Southampton’s OpenData site.

shareNice example

As it stands, shareNice is being used on the following sites :,,, and the itself. And yes most of these sites are friendlies, but I would love to other people to start making use of the site too!

We are currently working on a WordPress plugin for the shareNice widget, and an eprints plugin too. I would love if someone would like to create a Drupal plugin for shareNice, that would be great!. You can see a list of feature requests on :

Given that the apache instance which this runs off of doesn’t generate ANY logs, I have no way of know if people are using the service, so please do let me know. Either via my blog, twitter, or github.

Finally, I should name dropped all the nice people which have helped in the development of shareNice: Monika Stepinska, Steve Harris, and Sebastien Francois. You guys rule!


  1. Elena ``of Valhalla''

    This looks nice: I hadn’t put any sharing widget on my site ( because of the privacy (and loading time) issue, but I’ve decided to give this one a try.

    Right now I’ve used the hosted version for convenience, in the future I will decide whether I should host it myself or not. If I had been hosting more sensitive informations I would have gone directly for the self-hosted option, of course.

    1. Mischa Mischa Author

      Hi Elena,

      Glad to hear that you went for shareNice, and like you say, if you don’t believe that I am not logging any traffic on my server, you can always host it yourself 😉

      Please let me know if you have any issues, or would like to see any features and I will try and find time to implement them. Happy new websiting!

      1. Mischa Mischa Author

        With help from a friend, Vaidas Jablonskis, we have moved sharenice over to nginx, and it is way faster than it was before. All the content is now cached, and loading time has been massively decreased. I hope this helps!


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