Firefox 3.5 and W3C Geo API

I have made a simple webpage which makes use of the W3C Geo API. The page will prompt you for your location, given you are using FF3.5, and will subsequently ask you for a WebID and some text to describe what you are up to.

The service then generates a call to another endpoint I bashed together, that takes the following cgi arguements.
<br /> webid - lat - long with an OPTIONAL alt - datetime - doing(what I am doing now field)<br />
<br /> https://mmt.me.uk/blog/services/FOAFEvent?lat=51.4583494&long=-0.1186444&webid=http://foo.com/foaf.rdf%23bar&datetime=2009-07-08T13:02:46+01:00&doing=writing+a+blog+article<br />
That in turn generates a FOAF person scrobble, or a FOAF Event. I have made us of the Event, Timeline, FOAF, dc, and the Geo ontologies.

So this service can be found on my site, https://mmt.me.uk/blog/geo. It should be noted that I DO NOT store any of the information which I output on this site. I will make it HTTPS at some point, and then I will replace using Plazes.com with my own service. I would rather a world where I was running all of my own social networking from my own machine.

The code to do this is so simple. In order to do the W3C geo stuff all you need to do is write some html and javascript, like so (sorry about the indentation)

and this :

` Here are a bunch of links which I used to find out how to do this : * <http://www.skyhookwireless.com/whoweare/privacypolicy.php> * <http://dev.w3.org/geo/api/spec-source.html> * <http://ajaxian.com/archives/navigatorgeolocation-using-the-w3c-geolocation-api-today> * <http://www.tralfamadore.com/2008/08/w3c-geolocation-api-on-iphone-with.html> * <http://almaer.com/blog/using-the-w3c-geolocation-api-specification-today-extending-whereareyou> * <https://developer.mozilla.org/En/Using_geolocation>